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3 Keys To Selling Your Home Quickly

Selling Your House Quickly

Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? The real estate market is changing and its important to take the right steps to put your home in position to sell quickly. Here are 3 keys to selling your home quickly.

Proper Access

Give buyers the best access to the home at all times. If buyers can’t see your home they won’t be making offers. Opening up the availability of showings for your home allows for the best opportunity to receive an offer on your home.

While there are marketing pieces I include to help sell the home online, seeing your home in person is the most effective way to sell your home.

Make It Look Great

Decluttering, staging and keeping up on your homes routine maintenance increases the odds of selling your home quickly. Keeping your home looking neat and tidy will make your home feel larger. Hiring a professional stager will assist in creating a vision for your home that will help buyers see themselves in the home. Finally, making sure your homes maintenance is up to date decreases the odds of a buyer walking away after a home inspection is completed.

Price It Compellingly

Pricing your home properly is the most important factor to sell your home quickly. No amount of marketing, access, staging and maintenance will sell a home quickly if it is overpriced. Furthermore, if the buyer of your home will be financing the home, the home will be appraised to make sure the sales price matches the market value. If the sales price and appraised value don’t match, you run the risk of the buyer walking away from sale.

Selling your home quickly

Final Thoughts

If you want your home to sell quickly make sure you are checking each of these boxes prior to your home hitting the market. In order to understand the right price for your home it’s important to understand your local market. Each month I produce the Broomfield Real Estate Market Report that highlights the market as a whole as well as some of Broomfield’s most popular neighborhoods. If you live in Broomfield I highly recommend reviewing this report each month.

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