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Where’s the Washer and Dryer?

If you're purchasing a home and appliances like the washer, dryer or refrigerator are included make sure it's included in the contract. Previous conversations and negotiations or advertising inc...

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How To Lower Your Interest Rate On Your Home Today

Rising interest rates have forced many buyers to reconsider their options while Broomfield home prices remain at record-highs. For some this means they simply can’y afford a home they may have...

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Broomfield Real Estate Show | September 2022

Rising interest rates continue to have an impact on the local real estate market leaving buyers and sellers asking questions like, will my house still sell in this market and, what can I do to help fight rising interest rates when buying a hom...

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Who Gets To Keep Earnest Money?

What is earnest money and who gets to keep it? If you're a seller reviewing offers for your home, earnest money is the good faith deposit on the sale of the home. Some buyers will offer higher e...

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Should You Buy A Home In Today’s Market?

No doubt everywhere you turn someone is talking about the housing market, and many people are asking the question: "should I buy a home right now?" It's true that the real estate market is shift...

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Why It’s Important to Price Your House Right

In today's shifting housing market, overpricing your home is a huge mistake. The sellers I work with all want to maximize their sales price, minimize the hassles and sell their house as quickly ...

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