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Decluttering and Tidying Before a Home Showing

Real estate experts agree that home staging can push your listing to the top of a buyer’s mind. Many buyers have difficulty envisioning the layout options of a space without existing furniture. A properly staged home allows buyers to see the space as both a blank canvas that can later reflect their style while ensuring that the space doesn’t appear too sterile. Unfortunately, if you are living in your space day-to-day, staging may be less of an option. In these instances, you’ll want to focus on decluttering and tidying key areas before showing your home.

Organize Your Closets and Linen Closets

Tidying for a home sale is a significantly more involved process than a quick tidy when guests come over. Storage space is a key asset that buyers will seek out in your home. Declutter any unnecessary items and organize the rest to truly showcase the available storage. After all, even a walk-in closet will look small and cramped when filled with chaotically stored belongings.

Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

Your medicine cabinet is an area that buyers may open while inspecting the available storage options in the home. I recommend removing any personal medications when a house tour is occurring.

Clean Out the Fridge

Modern appliances are a huge draw for buyers, especially in the kitchen. They can even affect the overall value of your home. For buyers, a home featuring modern appliances is attractive, but their excitement may be dimmed if your kitchen appliances are not as clean and shiny as the day they arrived. Clean out the fridge. Get rid of unnecessary condiments cluttering up the space, give it a good scrub and organize the remainder appropriately. Finally, clean the exterior of your fridge and all of your appliances. Remove any fingerprints with a stainless steel cleaner.

Showcase Your Countertops

Countertop space is another coveted kitchen amenity. Even a beautifully organized counter space can begin to look small if they are the permanent storage spot for your daily appliances. If your countertops are full of small appliances, cookware and jars of ingredients, you won’t allow your spacious kitchen to shine. If your kitchen can’t be classified as spacious, you’re doing it an even bigger disservice by using your counter for storage. Move as many items as you can to another area, at least between showings.

By decluttering and tidying these areas before showing your home, you’ll be setting yourself up for success and in many cases increasing your bottom line.

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