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How much should I offer on this home?

How much should I offer on this home? It’s the question nearly ever buyer asks prior to making an offer. In general, it really depends on a number of factors including location, how long the home has been on the market, and the number...

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Broomfield Real Estate Market Report | April 2022

What is going on with this crazy Broomfield real estate market? Find out now. Welcome to the April edition of the Broomfield Real Estate Show! Even as interest right rise the demand from home...

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The Truth About Today’s Broomfield Buyer Demand

When it comes to the latest news in real estate, there are a lot of sensational headlines in the media. In times like this, when it can be hard to know what to believe, put your trust in the experts. Those of us in the housing market re...

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Local Dog Parks Your Best Friend Will Love

The sun is out and so is man's best friend. This is your guide to several great local dog parks near Broomfield. Broomfield Commons Dog Park- Broomfield The Broomfield Commons Dog Park is located nea...

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Broomfield Real Estate Market Report | July 2021

Some segments of the market are cooling - but only slightly. Not all homes are getting multiple offers like they were just a month ago. What goes down. must come up. At least that's true in real estate gravity. Whether we are talking ab...

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