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What’s The Right Homebuyer Timeline?

If you're looking to buy a home in the near future it's a good idea to understand the timeline to purchase a home. Do you have a lease that's expiring and want to make sure you aren't p...

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What A Recession Could Mean For The Housing Market

Recession. It’s a word that can spark fear and uncertainty in any market, and housing is no exception. But contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to fear the word recession when it c...

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Three Positive Homebuyer Trends

Have you delayed your plans to buy a house because of how competitive the market was over the past few years? If so, listen to this. Today’s market is different.

Here’s a look at three t...

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Should I Buy A North Facing Driveway in Colorado?

Does it matter which direction your driveway faces? Here in Colorado it definitely does!

Winter is here in Colorado and as a Colorado native I want to let you in on a little secret you may no...

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What It Means To Be in a Sellers’ Market

If you’ve given even a casual thought to selling your house in the near future, this is the time to really think seriously about making a move. Here’s why this season is the ultima...

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How Much Do I Need For A Down Payment On A House?

Is the idea of saving for a down payment holding you back from buying a home right now? You may be eager to take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates, but the thought of needing a large down payment might make you want to pump the b...

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